Be the boss of your money

Start saving through simple daily tracking.

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Simple is Smart


Link your account for automatic tracking or do it on the fly. It’s easy either way.

Wismo tracks your daily spending so you can improve your financial future.

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Just add Wismo

We’ll tell you how much money you have remaining throughout each day.


A new way to track

There’s a reason you don’t use other finance apps. They’re too darn complicated. We keep it simple. Snap a pic. Add an amount. Done.

Or get Wismo Premium and we’ll do it for you!

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Get better together

Create a family plan to track together. Or just follow your friends. Everyone still has their individual accounts.


Why Wismo?


No demands

Unlike many other apps… You don’t have to deposit money. Or connect your bank account. Or give us your social security number. Or even your name.



You won’t need spreadsheets. Or multiple budgets. Just focus on the fundamentals. And build healthy spending habits.



We know it’s awkward to talk about what we make and what we spend. So we’ve created a safe place. Share anonymously. Learn together.



How do I get started?

Just download the app and create a username and password. We’ll ask you 3 simple questions and then you’re set. Just start tracking your daily spends. No budgets to create. No confusing accounting. No fancy math. Easy-peasy.

Do I have to link my bank accounts?

Nope. Simple and safe means not having to give us or anyone your bank login and password.

But if you like the ease of linking bank accounts, you can do that too. Wismo uses bank-level security and 256-bit encryption.

What’s PSI again?

PSI = [Spend/Income] x 100

At the end of the day we’re all trying to spend within our means. Instead of tracking multiple budgets and a multitude of numbers, your PSI will tell you where you stand. Stay under 100 and you’re doing well!

I can see other people’s profiles?

Yes and you’re not being creepy. See what other people make and what they spend. How do you compare? How could you do better?

Other people can see me?

Yeah, that’s the deal. But remember... your only identity is your username. We don’t even ask for your actual name. (Friendly hint: don’t put your name in your username.)

And the result?

You learn from others and they learn from you. And in sharing, we all learn that we’re not alone. It just takes a little work to get started, a little time to change your habits, and a little savings to change your life.


Today’s a new day. You got this.


Premium features available in app (family plan + account linking + private account + ad-free experience)